Finger Lickin' Good

Variety of Terengganu's food
Terengganu finger licking good cuisine displays a strong influence to many people due to its geographical location and historical background. Eating and dining out in most of the islands and beaches around Terengganu are always cheap and affordable. There are always plenty of choices ranging from resorts chalets, hotels, homestays including hawker stalls.

By its endless variety of marvellous temptations that available every single time you want together with its inimitable spice, unique flavours and fresh ingredients, your taste buds may need to have it just to savour all of them.

If you place a step to Redang Island, there are 5 major place that can be suggested as a place to eat. You can enjoy and have your meal at : 
  • Coffeehouse & Bar, Sari Pacifica Redang Resort & Spa
  • Palm Restaurant, Berjaya Redang Resort & Spa
  • Sang Suria Restaurant, Laguna Redang Resort & Spa
  • The Matahari Restaurant, Coral Redang Island Resort
  • Sunset Point Restaurant, Redang beach Resort

If you go to Kapas Island, the restaurant or places that you can enjoy your meal are : 
  • Selayang Cafe, Kapas Island Resort
  • Kapas Beach Chalet Restaurant
  • Makcik Gemok Beach Resort Restaurant
  • Kapas Garden Resort Restaurant
  • Kapas Turtle Valley Chalet Restaurant

The places that you can have your unique taste if you go to Perhentian Island are :
  • Santai Restaurant
  • Coral Bay Restaurant
  • Panorama Chalet Restaurant
  • Perhentian Resort Island Restaurant
  • Tuna Bay Island Resort Restaurant

Rantau Abang beach have the place that you can challenge your taste buds which are :
  • C.B. Wee Seafood Restaurant
  • Karimas Sulong Restaurant
  • Mek Har Restaurant
  • Nabila Khan Restaurant
  • Sri Dungun Restaurant

If you locate your holidays at Batu Buruk beach, the place that you can have your marvellous meal are:
  • KFC (Public Swimming Pool Complex)
  • Batu Burok Food Court
  • Anjung Bistro Primula Beach Hotel
  • A & W Pantai Batu Burok
  • Restaurant Pak Maidin

The cuisine of Terengganu will distinctively memorable to you and do not forget to enjoy the temptations.

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