Monday, 1 October 2012

Prime Point

I have chosen Places of Interest and I will focus on Beaches and Islands in Terengganu as the topic for my Blog assignment. 

The beaches and islands in Terengganu are among the most attractive in our harmony country, Malaysia. With its calm climate, the lenient, suave, sandy beaches entice lots of tourists from all over the world. The beaches of Malaysia never fail to mesmerise the attraction of the tourists, who stopover with their own sole appeal and attractiveness.

Besides, many of our beaches are found cuddle up in out-of-the-way islands and bays, making them the ideal place for those seeking a peaceable holiday, away from the chaotic lives. 

With its blue skies and crystal clear emerald water are alluring enough to attract the visitors not only Malaysian but also people all over the world. Well known with the tagline of 'The Land Where Nature Embraces Heritage' and also 'Emerald of the East', it can be guaranteed that those who even did not know about beaches and islands in Terengganu will fall in love with this creation.